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@a_loree Michael Moore Rushes to CNN's Piers Morgan's Defense on Gun Control via @BreitbartNews with or without his armed guard?

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Patient Rockets explode past Kalama Longview Daily News: Patient Rockets explode past KalamaLongview Daily News... Abby Weiler 0, Morgan Loree 0. CASTLE ROCK (53) — Maddi Seidl 15, Nicole Seidl 12, Kenzie Dahl 2, Macee Utecht 9, Tierney Uhlenkott 7, Harlie DesArmo 2, Danielle Kirbaugh 2, Tarin Miller 2, Mattie Williquette 2, Beth Moore 0. Kalama 10 4 7 17
Source: Longview Daily News

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