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Why Join The PR Photos Team
  • PR Photos will show your photos to the worlds largest media buyers

  • Earn 50% every time that we sell your image!

  • Have your images seen by over 200,000 visitors a day on the PR Photos website

  • Your images can be featured on TV Shows, Websites, Magazines, and Newspapers.

  • A dedicated sales team will work hard to sell your images
Easy Uploads To PR Photos
  • Post Images Right From PR Photos - If you are just looking to submit a few images to sell, or you have candid photos to sell quickly then our brand new web uploader is a quick and easy way to post images

  • The PR Photos Uploader - This is an application built for Mac & PC that will you to post hundreds of images at once to our website. Wether you have shot 1 celeb or many celebs you can upload your photos all at once.

  • FTP your images - If you do not feel confident in our other posting methods you can post your images to our FTP and have an editor review and submit your images for you.
PR Photos Photographer Contract
Before you register as a photographer and start uploading images it is very important that you have read and understand the photographers contract. It is also important that you understand that you must hold the copyright to the images that you post to PR Photos.
PR Photos Photographers Contract